Bro.Vyri Seherie


I am the middle child of three and was the black sheep of the family. Until the age of eighteen I caused my mother lots of heart ache and pain. I did not really stay with her after my father passed away in December 1981. I stayed mostly on the street or with other people because of my restless nature. My dad named me Yuri ( Russian for shepherd or pastor). During the apartheid years my name was changed by the South African Government to Vyri. I found out later after I give my heart to the Lord that my new name means blessing or curse. Truly in that I had become to everybody I met...a blessing or a curse.

It was in October 1989 that I accepted the Lord as my personal Saviour. I was still in school in De Aar in Northern Cape and became the fool of the school but enjoyed my life with Christ in a Pentecostal church. My neighbour was in the Endtime Message and tried to introduce it to me. Needless to say that my pride would not allow me to see as I was reckoned as a future leader in the Pentecostal church. The Lord gave me lots of dreams and visions, and even many unknown people had given prophecies about my future. I did not take heed as I was aware of a lot of people who have destroyed gallant men of God with their foolishness and false prophecies.

I came to Cape Town in 1991 and was reunited with my mother. My mother was in a bad condition. I witnessed to her through my life and she accepted the Lord. I was in the Pentecostal Gospel Church for nearly six years. I met my wife there and got married in 1996. I had many questions that were unanswered as I studied the Bible on my own. In 1997 a man in the train read a Spoken Word book and left it behind when he got out of the train. I took the book and read it intently. I hungered for more of what I read and contacted the number of Voice of God Recordings in Strand. They sent a pastor to my house and we fellowshipped all night. He left a few books behind and I read it all eagerly.

I kept this visit by the pastor of the ETM a secret for some time but the cat was soon out of the bag when on a Tuesday evening as we were journeying to a meeting at the Pentecostal Gospel Church with another member that I ‘accidentally’ let out a quotation of Bro Branham in response to a scriptural question that had arisen.  I knew right then that the member would report this to the leaders of the church and I would be immediately excommunicated as reading the Spoken Word booklets was forbidden. The week after I stopped going to the Pentecostal Church because of the incident that had occurred with the brother and knowing what the outcome meant. The pastors of the Pentecostal church were very upset when I left their assembly. They then influenced my wife to stay behind and declared me insane as they put forward this question to her that “if Bro Branham was the angel to this church age, then how come he had no wings and that if he was, then his children should  have wings as they were children of an angel!”  My wife stayed with them for a little while but during that time I prayed that God would open her eyes. My wife then had a dream one night that she found me sitting in the light, eating pure sweet honey while she was in darkness.  After that dream, she then accepted the Message of the Hour. I was so glad that she was by my side.

Soon after receiving the Message I became a fanatic of the Message and started calling Bro Branham “My prophet, my prophet.” When I entered my house I would point to the photo of Bro Branham and tell my wife, “That is my prophet! He is my prophet!” I knew the Spoken Word books by heart as I read them all the time. I even took a photo of myself holding a Spoken Word booklet that had a picture of Bro Branham on the cover. There was a reflection of sunlight on the back ground that looked like a piece of light hanging in front of me. I called it ‘my pillar of fire’. Several ETM believers got very excited by this photo.  A year after departing from the Pentecostal church, I was appointed Evangelist at the assembly I had joined and started preaching the Message.  My wife got very upset with me because by then because I read the Bible only during the preaching in the church.  The rest of the time that I was away from the pulpit, I would always read the Spoken Word booklets.

As time passed my relationship with the pastor got sour due to an issue that arose regarding my failure to tithe during a period that I was out of employment. Also I discovered that personal issues that had been discussed in confidence between the two of us had become public knowledge in the assembly. I then decided to leave the church together with my mother who at that time had also accepted the Message. My mother, wife and I then started fellowshipping in my mother’s house. I started studying the Bible more and more and the hunger for the Truth got deeper.  Several months passed and I met a brother (Bro Ardonis) that I had met through a family that I had fellowshipped with at the Pentecostal Church but himself was following Raymond Jackson.  He gave me a copy of Raymond Jackson’s Contender which I studied gladly and from there I got a link to the Faith Assembly website which helped me in understanding the Message of Bro Junior Jackson. Thereafter Bro Ardonis introduced me to pastor Ernest Scotsman from Piketberg which was one and a half hour journey by car from my place of residence. I visited his church a few times who at that time preached the message of Junior Jackson. Due to financial difficulties, I was unable to attend regularly.  Time passed on and after some time I visited the fellowship at Piketberg again and I found them preaching the message of Amos Omoboriowo of Nigeria who believed himself to be the Lead Apostle.
Thereafter I went to the website of Amos and studied his books. The “Lead Apostle” doctrine did not get to me and I broke ties with “The Scribe”. The search for the Truth was on again. Several months later, Bro Adonis visited me with the RELIGO book by Richard Gan. I told him not to confuse me with all these doctrines as I was then tired of all the doctrines. I read the book anyway and did not like it at first because it destroyed the only things in the Bible that I claimed to know. I later then accepted the truth revealed within it and thereafter Bro Adonis and I began to fellowship together at my home as he had by then left the assembly at Piketberg because of the Truth he had seen in the Religo book.  Time passed again and it was when we were fellowshipping with Bro Ardonis that I realized that I differed with him on the Seals as I then still believed that the Seventh Seal was closed and believed that the sin of Ham was not incest but that Ham merely saw Noah naked and ogled at him. I then went to Prophetic Revelation website which assisted in clearing up the teachings that I had misunderstood.  The revelation of the Seventh Seal and the sin of Ham struck me a week later. I could not believe how God dealt with me. I wrote to Bro Gan and requested for books as I realised that I knew so little of the Word. The fellowship grew and a family in Malmesbury (twenty minutes from Atlantis) came to the light.

Bro Adonis and I made plans to somehow try to meet with Bro Gan. One day I got an email from a brother who invited me for a fellowship. I phoned the brother and went to his house to meet him. It was Bro Batsi, a believing man of God who inspired me with his love for the Word of God. Bro Batsi told me that he got my email address on the website of Prophetic Revelation. We fellowshipped a few times before he decided to attend our little flock. Then after a time of fellowship with us the brother said that he had invited Bro Gan to Cape Town. I didn't believe him. I could not grasp the thought that Bro Gan would really come. All the believers were excited when we understood that the brother was really coming to us. Bro Gan finally came and we had a wonderful of fellowship in the Word. I posted a few questions to him. He made me see that he did not want Ganites but followers and disciples of Jesus Christ. I learned from him as much as I could in a very short time. Since his visit I am burdened to walk the path of the Bible Truths. It is a daily battle for me as I have so much to learn. 

Now I stand for the Word of God and it is a daily battle. I guard against all the strange doctrines that pop up from my time with both the Pentecostal and the End Time Message Assemblies. In the city of Atlantis, I have been routinely shot down by other preachers when they learned that I do not believe the nonsense they see as Truth. I would not go back down on the Word of God but would fight inch for inch to make it known in South Africa that there is Truth in the mess that so-called Christians have created.  I can recall how a few years ago I was invited to minister at a fellowship. I preached on how the Bride of Christ had lost sight of Christ by accepting and believing in the doctrines of men when God had sent a ministry to lead her back to His Word. I was crucified after that sermon and was called a renegade, rascal and unbeliever. Also, I was invited to a few meetings where ministers fellowshipped but they never agreed with each other. They had plenty of quotes from the Spoken Word books. I tried to bring some sense to their madness by pointing to the Bible as the Absolute but most of them broke ties with me. I want to encourage all Bible believers to up hold the Truth as written in God’s Word and to stand gallantly for the Word of the Lord.

God bless you.

Brother Vyri Seherie
Atlantis, South Africa.
[Nov. 2014]