I am Mario Kahwaji of Lebanon, a country in the Middle-East, Asia. I am 20+ years old. I like to share with you about the grace of the LORD JESUS CHRIST in my life.

The first years:
I was born on 1991. Both my lovely parents loved me showing their care for me. I thank God for them. But many times I was disobedient to them and committed many bad things. They put me in one school and then another. I had a strong temperament that some time I was without control of myself so I looked crazy. But that situation didn’t last. 

The CHANGE came when I was 12 years old:
It was not a spiritual change. At this young age, 
a boy changed my life when he told me: “Do you know that you are ugly?”. These few words had a great effect on me and I became VERY timid. I tried to hide from seeing the people whom I don’t know. Now I became a “good idiot” to the people, so I controlled my emotion. It was a sad period, especially in school. At home, I broke the glass of the doors because of my neurotic condition.  After some time, I loved a girl in my school without telling her first. I was timid too at school but in my home I was very nervous and even I hit my mother and sister. When I was almost 15 years old, I left school because I hated studying and also because I was timid. At this time I practiced a dangerous sport which was almost like “free running”. It gave me limited joy but with a desire to be a worldwide champion in this sport. I was very proud of myself and showed the people my power, I humbled myself to the people and I was proud at the same time: Humility without the will of God can make men and women proud. It is a perverted humility, I would call it. And Satan loves to pervert.

Then I returned to school to see that girl who knew later that I loved her but she didn’t appreciate it. [The nun of the school had offered me to be in the next class though I should repeat a class, because she liked me, but I refused because that girl was younger than me, so I repeated my lost year only to see her and I became a student in her class!). I did for her almost 60 songs and I cried and cried. I prayed to Mary the mother of JESUS to let her love me but nothing happened. I told God that I wanted to die. I hated my life and I hated women, I wanted to hit them if I can. It was a time of sorrow and crying and hatred. (When I look back now, I realized how foolish and religious I was.)

After a year, almost, a new person, Anthony came to the school. He was a Baptist. He told me about the salvation and the new birth, I did not understand that but I walked with him. After a time, I went to his Baptist church and later the Holy Spirit changed my life, my heart get full of joy, my pain was gone. These precious words of the Lord were fulfilled in my sad life: Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”.

JESUS died for me, He set me FREE; His Blood was spilled at a place called Calvary!

I told JESUS that I am very sorry because I said in my heart before that: “what’s the problem with Islam”, and even I thought to do a “new religion” because I refused some of what JESUS said in the Bible like “love thy enemies”. Before God changed my life, I did not believe in the trinity, I believed that God is one and JESUS is not Deity. But after I felt the joy of CHRIST in my heart, I immediately believed that JESUS is the Father and the Son, and that God is One, even before the Endtime Message came to me. But now I can really see the truth of the Godhead and I realized that the Man JESUS is not His own Father. When I knew that the Baptists believe in 3 persons in the trinity, I was confused and I hated what they believe.

At this time, my friend, who introduce to me JESUS, became a message believer and he begin to tell me about the baptism according to Acts 2:38 but I feared because I did not want to disobey what JESUS said in Matthew 28:19 He told me about Paul being the 1st messenger to the 1st age, about the serpent seed. I prayed humbly to God for revelation as my friend told me to, and God answered my prayer. I was baptized in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST on Sunday 3 May 2009 at about 5:30PM. But I didn’t have the power yet to leave all my earthly desires especially that sport. I prayed to God to deliver me but I love it too much. Then after a preaching, I began to think to leave it and then by God’s grace He delivered me from it and from much watching of drama programs on TV.

Our number was very small, about 10 message believers. My Absolute was the quotes of brother Branham and some so-called preachers of his message. I FEAR in my heart to disbelieve what I read and hear from them, or I will not be a believer of the Word.

As I was hungry spiritually, I searched and searched on the internet about William Branham. I read sites related to this endtime message and I was “Branhamited”! And in the meetings, the image of the prophet was used, etc., until I came across bro Gan’s site. I liked what he wrote until I found things contrary to what I was taught. And because of my “Branhamisation”, I considered Bro. Gan a sect founder in the message.

One day, I went to the home of a Baptist man and his wife. He made fun of Branham’s teachings. I spoke the name “Branham” often. Finally, each one of us departed in his beliefs. After a period, he and his wife saw me and my sister near my house. They asked if I have told her about William Branham. One of them told her that when I was in their home I spoke the name “Branham” more than “JESUS”! Now, I REALLY THANK GOD FOR HIS MERCY AGAIN FOR HE DELIVERED ME out of that spirit.

After a time, bro Pierre, a Lebanese brother in Christ, told me that the Branhamites are the foolish virgins of Matthew 25. Then I thought that he is a believer in the ministry of Richard Gan because before he told me that I have been to the “Prophetic Revelation” site, and I loved what I read until I read the identity of the 2 trees in the Garden of Eden, and the message “LOGOS”.  And I was very shocked when I read what he wrote against the spirit in the Branhamites. I said “who is this (Gan) to write this, he formed a cult”. But before this, when I saw his picture the first time I said he is very humble and I loved him. I came to his website through Google Search when I typed “Genesis 3:6 William Branham”, something like that; I wanted to know what he (WMB) said about Adam eating from the tree of knowledge.

One time I was with bro Pierre and with bro Anthony (who told me about the Baptist and the Message)in the car. I told them about “Prophetic Revelation” and how I said bad things about it, but I said that when I read it the first time, I get joy. When we arrived at my house, I prayed for these brothers with me to leave their belief, if it is not right, and for Richard Gan to return to the message. [I was not sure that Pierre believes 100% in the ministry of brother Gan, but one time he said to me that the branhamites are the foolish virgins… of Matthew 25. And Gan teaches that,]

After that, something in my heart always told me to visit this “Prophetic Revelation” site, the revelation of Truth came slowly from God. The best revelation I need it at that time was to leave my fear and to make the BIBLE MY ABSOLUTE. And later I got it. HalleluYAH! Then I begin to enjoy the blessing and with that I left my FEAR and CHRIST set me free.

After I get the revelation of the 7 thunders, my prayer changed, I said: “Please LORD let them (my brothers in Lebanon) believe that the 7 thunders are 7 men if they don’t believe in that…”, that don’t mean that I lifted up these 7 unknown men yet, but God will use them for His glory and it is important to know all the stages of the rapture. We had meetings but I did not tell them about what God did for me.

On 15 March 2011, I chatted with bro Pierre on SKYPE who knew that I read from the site of my precious brother Gan but he didn’t know that I believe on his calling to the ministry. He asked me if I still read from it and my answer was “sure”. As the conversation continued, he asked me why then I fought him. My reply was, “Because Branham was my Absolute”. That day I felt great joy: no more secrets and hiding between us, we have the same Faith in God’s Holy Word.

Though trials come, our God is the Helper and Keeper. And now the Lord JESUS gave me a lot of Patience and Love, really the true Word produces LOVE. My dear brother Branham said “Back to the Word” not “Forward to the tapes”.

Friends, humble yourself before God and allow Him to work on you and cast your fear out from you. Make the Bible your Absolute and LOVE all the people.

You may think that I am now anti-Branham because I believe in the ministry of Bro. Richard, I am not. I believe the prophet and I follow only his God. Leave the spirit of Branhamism, pray for God to show you what the message really is.

And I say with love: It was a miracle when I left the denominations and came to the Message, but it is a great miracle to leave the spirit of Branhamism and return to the Bible and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in the 5 fold ministry “for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ: Till we all come in the unity of the faith, and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fulness of Christ…”.

Finally, I did not leave the spirit of Branhamism to be a Ganite nor to follow any other man except my Saviour, CHRIST JESUS, the Son of the Living God. I like the testimonies of the saints and what Bro. Andrew Phiri wrote about “Hearing A Voice and Hearing The Voice” and I was very blessed when he told us (the believers) to do not what the denominations and the Branhamites do when they cannot see the next move of God, Who is Light and in Him there is no darkness (traditions). We want always to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit when He gives more Light; and I like the songs for the bride.

May the LORD JESUS CHRIST bless you all and gives you more of His Love. Amen.

All glory to the heavenly Father. Pray for us here in Lebanon.



Mario Kahwaji (Lebanon)

31 May 2012